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Narrative Exploration and Analysis for Concept by Mind Map: Narrative Exploration and Analysis for
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Narrative Exploration and Analysis for Concept



Middle, Middle 2, Chaos, Breakdown, Inciting Moment, New Beginning, New expansions into a new potential, How is this different from the first construct?, How does it expand on its own in the event of potential chaos again?, Implementation of new system, IPv6. Growth returns., Injection of new thought, New form, refreshed and revived, System contracts, dies off, doesn't grow., Chaotic, Vibration, Tipping Point, Breakdown of main form into crumbling mass, Decay, Collisions, Contamination, Stagnation, Mutant Architecture, Twisted over itself, Beginning of the problem, why this is a bad thing and must be solved., Restrictive, Contained, Inhibitive, Achieves it's current 'limit' with IPv4 - ceases to grow, Restrictive

Expansion, multiplying, growth, Advancement, Enhancement, Acceleration, Progression, Repair, Sustainability

Void, empty space, internet is 'born'