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How to Hack Your Way to New Customers by Mind Map: How to Hack Your Way to New Customers
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How to Hack Your Way to New Customers


Understand what works to the finest detail and then scale it.

The Content Success Formula

In depth analysis on content to find the winning formula for leads, links, social shares and more.

Word count vs. organic search traffic

Do long blog posts generate more traffic? Long article titles vs. Twitter shares? Patterns in the topics vs. the leads that they generated? Are there specific words that could be added in order to increase traffic?

Content Lead Optimisation

The majority of leads come from a very small area of the web where your content is posted.

The idea: Take high traffic blog posts with low conversion and reoptimise them to increase the distribution of lead generation

Identify blog posts with existing traffic

Find the main keywords each article ranks for

Create a specific call to action specific to the keyword

Track the increase in conversion rate

Influencer Content Teams

Leverage the communities of influencers within your industry to scale community engagement, lead generation and organic search traffic.

Identify influencers within your niche

Qualify them against a set of criteria

Align them to your content strategy

Create and amplify your content


Matthew Barby - Head of SEO & Growth, HubSpot