Simple Present

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Simple Present by Mind Map: Simple Present

1. Irregular Verbs

1.1. Change the whiting

1.1.1. Affirmative Example She brought (bring) some chocolates to the party.

1.1.2. Negative Example He did not write a book.

1.1.3. Interrogative Example Did he come to your party last week?

2. Regular Verbs

2.1. Rules

2.1.1. Ending in a silent e take /-d Example close=closed

2.1.2. Ending in a vowel + y take /-ed Example play=played

2.1.3. Ending in a consonant + y take /-ied Example marry=married

2.1.4. All the other regular vebs take /-ed Example visit=visited

2.2. Base form of the verb+ ED

2.2.1. Affirmative Subject + verb + ed +predicate. Example

2.2.2. Negative Subject + did not/ didn´t + predicate Example

2.2.3. Interrogative Did + subject + predicate ? Example