Mind Mapping For Quality Work

How to plan and do your assignments to meet your goals and accomplish your best work

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Mind Mapping For Quality Work by Mind Map: Mind Mapping For Quality Work

1. Clear Understanding

1.1. What exactly is being asked of me?

1.1.1. Do I understand the question/assignment clearly?

1.1.2. Do I understand the material?

1.1.3. Do I need to ask for help?

1.1.4. Do I know how to get a good grade on this assignment?

1.1.5. Enter another idea here

1.1.6. Enter another idea here

1.2. Group Work

1.2.1. Can I communicate easily with my team?

1.2.2. Do each of my team members understand what is being asked of them?

1.2.3. Are each of my team members doing their part? No What can I do if my team members are not doing their part? Yes Am I doing everything I should be doing? Can I do better? Am I in a position to help others? Enter suggestion here Enter suggestion here

1.3. Individual Work

1.3.1. I understand the the task(s) given to me.

1.3.2. I will first make my mind map so I can better understand the solution.

1.3.3. What else do I need to do to be successful?

1.3.4. Is there anything else?

2. Review

2.1. Review my work for mistakes and errors.

2.2. Create a final draft and review it first.

2.3. Ask for constructive criticism from someone I trust.

2.4. Go over the material once more making sure everything is correct.

2.5. Now it's time to make my final copy to be submitted to the teacher.

2.6. Other idea

2.7. Other idea

2.8. Other idea

3. Ideas

3.1. Create a mind map

3.1.1. Brainstorm ideas

3.1.2. Collaborate with others

3.1.3. Organize my thoughts

3.1.4. Make my Plan

3.2. Creativity

3.2.1. How can I be creative and different from others?

3.2.2. How can I bring originality and something amazing?

3.2.3. Do I believe in myself and do I believe that I can do better?

3.2.4. How can I think "outside the box"?

3.2.5. Another way I can spark creativity

3.2.6. Another way I can spark creativity

3.2.7. Another way I can spark creativity

4. Work

4.1. Details

4.1.1. Reasoning Have I researched my topic in depth? Do I have a wide variety of sources and information? Have I researched opposing ideas? Can I prove my points? Another point of reasoning Another point of reasoning Another point of reasoning

4.1.2. Presentation Am I using information that clearly relates my ideas? Have I studied my notes so I can present with confidence? Is my presentation boring/simple? Another important point Another important point Another important point

4.2. Content

4.2.1. Is my theme consistent with the message/idea that I want to present?

4.2.2. Do I have good contrast between colors?

4.2.3. Do colors, sounds, and images help people understand my points, or do they distract people and make it difficult to understand the content?

4.2.4. Do I have consistency throughout my presentation?

4.2.5. Have I used bold, italics, and underline to help people see important information, or does it only cause confusion?

4.2.6. Another point

4.2.7. Another point

4.2.8. Another point

4.2.9. Another point