Research Project

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Research Project by Mind Map: Research Project

1. Sam Aldrich

1.1. Performance

1.1.1. Fitness testing of tennis players: How valuable is it?

2. Stacie Boon

2.1. Fitness and football

2.1.1. A soccer-specific fitness test differentiates between first-team professional soccer players and academy trainees

3. J Cole

3.1. Popularity of swimming

3.1.1. Effects of participation in swimming lessons on health perception and belief

4. Sam Cowling

4.1. Badminton rackets

4.1.1. Science and the major racket sports: a review

5. Tom Davey

5.1. Fitness of football players (positions)

5.1.1. Physical Fitness in Female Soccer Players by Player Position: A Focus on Anaerobic Power

5.1.2. Peak power for different positions in football

6. Cam Heald

6.1. Injuries in hockey

6.1.1. Research DENTAL AND FACIAL INJURIES IN INTERNATIONAL FIELD HOCKEY Descriptive Epidemiology of Collegiate Women's Field Hockey Injuries Effectiveness of Protective Eyewear in Reducing Eye Injuries Among High School Field Hockey Players Head and Face Injuries During the Men's Field Hockey Junior World Cup 2009 Injuries in Hockey (Bird, Black and Newton 1997)

7. Calum Lewis

7.1. Age and participation in golf

7.1.1. Gender Asymmetries in Golf Participation

8. Tino Muchirahondo

8.1. Ticket prices and enjoyment in football

8.1.1. An examination of underlying consumer demand and sport pricing using secondary market data

9. Matt Nicholson

9.1. Growth of eSports

9.1.1. Signs of meta-change in second modernity: the growth of e-sport and the World Cyber Games

10. Edrian Noval

10.1. Basketball injuries

10.1.1. Injury Profile in Elite Female Basketball Athletes at the Women’s National Basketball Association Combine

11. Ewan O'Connell

11.1. Fitness and football

11.1.1. Methods of monitoring the training and match load and their relationship to changes in fitness in professional youth soccer players

11.2. Wingate fatigue rates in football players

12. Sam Read

12.1. Injury/fitness in football

12.1.1. Amateur soccer - injuries in relation to field position

12.1.2. Injury incidence and injury patterns in professional football - the UEFA injury study

13. Rhianne Saunders

13.1. Sporting equipment (shoes)

13.2. Fitness and hockey


13.2.2. Reliability of a 5-m multiple shuttle test

13.2.3. Evaluation of the reliability of two field hockey specific sprint and dribble tests in young field hockey players

14. Rebecca Warr

14.1. Sports drinks and performance

14.1.1. Beetroot juice and exercise performance

14.1.2. Beetroot juice and exercise

14.2. Hockey performance

14.2.1. Relation between multidimensional performance characteristics and level of performance in talented youth field hockey players

14.2.2. Effects of dietary nitrate on oxygen cost during exercise

14.2.3. The Effect of Caffeine Ingestion on Field Hockey Skill Performance Following Physical Fatigue

14.2.4. An investigation into the effects of sodium citrate ingestion on high-intensity exercise performance