Immersive Learning

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Immersive Learning by Mind Map: Immersive Learning

1. Structure

1.1. What is Immersive Learning

1.2. What are current usage trends

1.3. Is it Effective

1.4. New node

2. What is included ?

2.1. Serious Games

2.1.1. Global Conflicts Award winning serious games Child Labour

2.2. Virtual Learning

2.2.1. 2nd Life

2.2.2. Clinispace A virtual learning space for medical learning

2.3. Business Simulations

2.3.1. Everyone can participate

2.3.2. Frequently Asked Questions What is the business simulation about ? IndustryMasters is an immersive, web-based business game based on a simulation of real world economy. Players take the role of an entrepreneur and compete against each other in real-time for market leadership and shareholder value. They experience the outcomes of their strategies in a situation of real competition. What is the goal of the business acumen simulation ? The Goal is to maximize the share price while investing a variable amount of seed capital in a corporation with an unlimited number of Business Units. The simulation plays out dynamically, based on all participants decisions. Every week a new IndustryMasters tournament starts. You begin at the Vice President level and will be promoted to the CEO career level after 40 rounds. With each promotion, the challenge gets increasingly intense and more rewarding. What concepts are covered by this business simulation ? There are lots of business concepts covered including Strategy, Pricing, Supply Demand, Marketing etc. Is there a video I can watch to get an overview ? Yes click here

2.3.3. How do I play the simulation 1 Go to this link 2 Log in using your username and password supplied

3. About the business simulation

3.1. Auto Manufacturing Company

3.1.1. Products Windshields Motor Cycles Seats Hybrid Cars