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Outside Comfort Travel by Mind Map: Outside Comfort Travel

1. Home

1.1. A brief introduction about the website. An inspirational quote included to match the travel theme.

1.1.1. A music video that would reinforce the theme of the website. Also a button that would take the viewer directly to the blog page.

2. About

2.1. A more thorough introduction about the author and the purpose of the website.

2.1.1. An image of the author of the website.

3. Gallery

3.1. Travel pictures from the community will be posted here.

3.1.1. I will add some of my own travel photos here to enrich the gallery page. Maybe add an interactive map to show where has every member of the page been around the globe.

4. Digital Photos

4.1. Showcase some digitally modified photos.

4.1.1. Post more digitally modified photos from site members.

5. Blog

5.1. Site members will be posting their stories here.

5.1.1. Add an infographic to show some statistic about the blog.

6. Contact

6.1. Contact information from the author are posted here. Phone number, address, and email address.

6.1.1. A google map is embedded to further help the viewers. A submission form is available for viewers to send in their stories.

7. Legal

7.1. A page dedicated to site sources and also copyrights information.

7.1.1. Might add some links site other sources.