College Students and Ethics

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College Students and Ethics by Mind Map: College Students and Ethics

1. What are ethics? Ethics are rules of behavior based on ideas about what is morally good and bad. (Websters) Types of ethic's college students may have issues with are prescription drug usage, cheating, and the student teacher relationship.

2. Cheating in college is not unheard of. Student's all the time find ways to help them get ahead in school. "We’re not going to beat this cheating thing with light sentences and a failure to engage students on morals" (Davis) Andrew Davis's column for the New York Time's goes to show just how bad cheating in the college setting has become such an issue because it is not address like it should be.

2.1. Prescription drug usage is an ethical issue because students will use these to get ahead or gain that final willpower to finish a course. Some students will buy the medication from another student even though its illegal and could get the student suspended or expelled from school.

2.2. Discuss the statistic found that 55% of college students admitted to cheating at some point during their time in college. Also, that these college students did not see anything wrong in cheating during certain circumstances.

3. Student teacher relationships have been at an high over the years because it has been publicly socialized when an inappropriate relationship goes public. There was a incident at Le Salle University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where a professor hired exotic dancers for an Ethic's seminar on business ethics where students were present.

4. In college students and ethics, the conclusion is that they face issues such as peer pressure on using prescription medications to get ahead, if they should go that extra step and cheat on a test to pass a class, or if their relationship with a profession is on the verge of being inappropriate or not.

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