Place Prepositions

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Place Prepositions by Mind Map: Place Prepositions

1. In

1.1. in the newspaper in a house

1.2. in a cup

1.3. in a bottle in a bag

1.4. in bed in a car

1.5. in London in England

1.6. in a book in a pub

1.7. in a field in the sea

1.8. in my stomach in a river

1.9. in a drawer

2. On

2.1. on the table on the wall

2.2. on the floor

2.3. on my face on a plate

2.4. on the page on the sofa

2.5. on a chair on a bag

2.6. on the river on a t-shirt

2.7. on the ceiling on a bottle

2.8. on a bike on his foot

2.9. on the window

3. At

3.1. at the window

3.2. at school

3.3. at the airport

3.4. at the back

3.5. at the bottom

3.6. at the bus stop

3.7. at the cinema

3.8. at the door

3.9. at the front

3.10. at the hospital

3.11. at the piano

3.12. at the pub

3.13. at the table

3.14. at the top

3.15. at the traffic lights

3.16. at university