Student Retention

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Student Retention by Mind Map: Student Retention

1. Obstacles in Online Learning

1.1. Classroom Navigation

1.2. Classroom Communication

1.3. Real World Mishaps or Events

2. Styles of Learning

2.1. Do Literal Learners have a leg up on other students?

2.2. Do Visual Learners have more difficulty due to the lack of visual teaching? Could this be why dropping courses is more likely for them?

2.3. What learning styles are ideal for online classes?

3. Individual Traits causing Difficulty

3.1. Motivation is harder with online learning, due to not having an actual teacher in front of you to push you

3.2. Distractions will throw a wrench in online learning

3.3. Easier to fall behind due to misunderstanding what the assignment is

4. Introduction: Student retention is more difficult with online classes than a normal college routine, due to lack of physical teaching.

5. Conclusion: In conclusion, students are more likely to drop classes during online learning, due to the obstacles they face, and difficulty keeping up. But, this is reversible just by learning how to adapt to online learning styles and classes.