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Lipstick by Mind Map: Lipstick

1. Validation

1.1. Test in differnt seasons

1.2. Try to put on the lipstick in the space

2. Verification

2.1. Is there any lipstick in a case (в футляре)?

2.2. What is the color?

2.3. Мeasure the lisptick

3. Primary Testing (First View Testing)

3.1. Are there any Markings?

3.2. What is the color of the case?

3.3. What is the color of the lipstick?

4. By knowing the internal system

4.1. Black Box Testing

4.1.1. Do not know what's inside Trying to test the most obvious patterns of the costemer Put the lipstick on (rouge)

4.2. White Box Testing

4.2.1. Go to the factory, where lipstick is manufactured. Watch how the lipstick is being manufactured

4.3. Grey Box Testing

4.3.1. Test structure of lipstick (состав)

5. By the object of the test

5.1. Fuctional Testing

5.1.1. Put lipstick on lips Could it be put? Is it smear? (размазывается) Whether it remains on the shirt (реклама: на губах, а не на нем) Could it be washed after the usage

5.1.2. Put lipstick with strong pressure

5.1.3. Lipstick does not stain hands (while holding a case (держась за футляр)

5.1.4. Try to put lipstick not on lips

5.2. UI Testing

5.2.1. Color Lipstick's color The color of the case

5.2.2. Form The form of the case

5.3. Perfomance Testing

5.3.1. How long can be used

5.3.2. How long can be not wash off, after applying

5.3.3. Expiration date

5.4. Stress Testing

5.4.1. Drop the lipstick

5.4.2. Wash lipstick in a washing-machine

5.4.3. Try to break the lipstick

5.4.4. Step on the lipstick

5.4.5. Freeze the lipstick. Then unfreeze it

5.5. Security Testing

5.5.1. Could you cut yourself while putting on lipstick

5.5.2. Does lipstick acceptе the standards (ISO, ГОСТ)

5.6. Compatibility Testing

5.6.1. Try to put on the lipstick's case another top (cap) Try the same manifacture's top Try another manifacture's top

5.7. Usability Testing

5.7.1. Is it comfortable to put on the lipstick (to rouge)?

5.7.2. Is it comfortable to carry it in bag?

5.7.3. Could it be placed in the average cosmetics bag

5.8. Localisation Testing

5.8.1. Is the documentation translated

6. By the time of testing

6.1. Before the Release

6.1.1. Alpha Testing Smoke Test New Feature Testing Test new taste Acceptence Testing Is it working according to the requirements? Regression Testing Is it still working?

6.2. After the Release

6.2.1. Beta Testing Ask friends to test the lipstick Ask womens' help Ask mens' help

7. By the positiveness of testing

7.1. Positive Testing

7.1.1. Almost all tests mentioned above are positive

7.1.2. Use how the manufacture's have conceived. Use as indetded.

7.2. Negative Testing

7.2.1. Try ti put on (to rougr) the lipstick while the cap is on

8. By the degree of isolation of testing components

8.1. Component Testing

8.1.1. Try to put on (to rouge) lipstick without a cap

8.2. Integraion Testing

8.2.1. Try to turn (rotate) the case, so that the lipstick got out of it.

8.3. System Testing (End-to-End)

8.3.1. Take the lipstick out of the prepackaged box (the box in what the lipstick is sold). Take of the cap. Try to turn (rotate) the case, so that the lipstick got out of it. Put the lipstick on. Put the cap on the lipstick. Put the lipstick in the cosmetic bag.

9. By the degree of of preparation for testing

9.1. Documented Testing

9.1.1. FIrstl, write all test cases, then execute

9.2. Ad Hoc Testing

9.2.1. Testing carried out informally. no formal test preparation takes place Perform random tests randomly :) No test -cases - no expected results

10. By the QC's subject

10.1. Alpha Tester

10.1.1. The employes (staff) of the manufacture

10.2. Beta Tester

10.2.1. Third-party person. Not relatedto the manufacture