Terminology for Term 3

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Terminology for Term 3 by Mind Map: Terminology for Term 3

1. Bondage, state of being enslaved

2. Longitude

2.1. Vertical on the map

2.2. Geographical Placement On A Map

3. Latitude

3.1. Horizontal on the map

3.2. Horizontal on the map

3.3. Geographical Placement On A Map

4. topography

4.1. Ergs

4.1.1. Dunes

4.1.2. Sand dunes.

4.1.3. Ergs apear in large seas of sand

4.1.4. they can reach up to 180 m!

4.1.5. They are like blizzards in Antarctica

4.2. Hamadas

4.2.1. Mountains A large natural elevation of the earth's surface rising.

4.3. Contour lines

4.3.1. The lines that show you how high/low the land was. a mountains lines will be close together and the sea would have no lines because it is 0

4.4. Regs

4.4.1. Sand plains

4.5. Wadis

4.5.1. Temporary water sources

4.6. Oasis

4.6.1. It is the fertile place in the desert.

4.6.2. Sahara in the sahara they have to live next to oasis for the water so they can survive

4.6.3. A place in the desert where you can find water

4.7. Chotts

4.7.1. Hollows that fill with salt after winter rains

4.8. Mountains and cliffs

4.8.1. Above or below sea level.

5. Vegetation

5.1. plants!

5.1.1. oil pam lianas

5.2. Doum Palm

5.3. Deforestation

5.3.1. Rainforest is shrinking Sometimes locals cut it down to make room for living and shops and farms

5.4. Flora

5.4.1. farms

5.5. What type of animals live in the Sahara desert

5.6. Cacti!

5.7. savanna

5.7.1. long, dry grasses

6. fauna (animals)

6.1. Endangered animals

6.1.1. animals that people hunt and use their skin for things like clothes

6.1.2. When there aren't many of animals left because they have been killed

6.2. farm / commercial animals

7. Climate

7.1. Humid

7.2. tropical

7.3. Hot or Cold

7.4. Not enoght mousiture in the clouds to rain in the sahara desert I did not know that

7.5. rainy ( like in the rain forest)

7.5.1. The rain in the rain forest can be 2m per year!!!!! in sahara it is about 2cm!!

7.6. Sultry

7.7. Sahara

7.7.1. in the sahara it rarely rain because of the thin and high clouds that don't carry much moisture so therefore they don't carry and produce much rain.

7.8. Arid, having little or no rain

8. slavery words

8.1. Exploitation,make full use of and derive benefit from

8.2. Captivity- when you are locked up or captured

8.2.1. They get kidnapped and are forced into child labour

8.2.2. Like animals in the zoo Like the monkeys!!! I think they mean when you are kidnapped and locked away. Not like a monkey because they are not kidnapped

8.3. Trafficking-is a type of slavery like the one at the bottom of this list

8.4. Unaccompainied

8.4.1. Having no escort or companion they send the children over to Europe unaccompainied

8.5. Myiad, a countless or extremely great number

8.6. Implementation ,a tool, utensil, or other piece of equipment,

8.7. Prostitution, the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment.

8.7.1. It is the same as child trafficking There are different types of child trafficking child soldiers, Begging for money - Hurting them to get money, by burning there eyes Child labour, such as working in factories

8.8. Bondage, state of being enslaved

9. Life styles

9.1. Clothes

9.2. Housing

9.2.1. did u know that some of them live in dung houses

9.3. rain forest

9.3.1. hot and wet

9.4. Water and food availability

9.5. Food

9.5.1. water

9.6. deforestation

9.6.1. Clear an area of forest or tree

9.7. Culture

9.7.1. Religion

10. Geographical Features

10.1. Mountains

10.2. Cliffs

10.3. Water holes

10.4. Caves

10.5. New node

11. Pollution

11.1. My speech is about how bad the pollution is in Africa

11.2. Methane, which comes from cow flatulence

12. Landmines

12.1. Secrets in the fire

12.2. A large percentage of people in Africa get killed every year by landmines

12.3. with some landmines they are activated when you stand on them and they go off when you take your foot off.

12.4. little (but powerful!!) bombs in the ground that people put there and they have killed tons of people and hurt lots too.

12.4.1. sometimes they are big and small

12.5. I wounder how big the explosion is if you stand on one

12.5.1. I wouldn't want to try because you would probably die

12.6. When you step on one, it sets of the bomb, and when you step off of it it blows up.

12.7. There is a beauty pageant called miss landmine and it is for people who only have one leg or no legs from a landmine

13. problems and difficulties

13.1. war

13.1.1. weapons guns landmines Death Bombs

13.1.2. Child soldiers

13.2. Starvation

13.2.1. Water

13.2.2. Food

13.2.3. Death of Hunger

13.3. sicknesss

13.3.1. lac of medaicn lack of food and clean water death

13.3.2. HIV/AIDS Depletion of antibodies in the immune system

13.4. Deforestation

14. Secrets in the fire

14.1. Landmines

14.2. guns

14.3. Bandits

14.4. villages being destrod

14.4.1. parvana

14.4.2. sophia and maria

15. New node

16. Landscape

16.1. Mountains

16.2. Deserts

16.3. Lakes

16.4. seas and oceans

17. Speech

17.1. Landmines- Enya

18. New node

19. New node