Jits Tree

Jits is a game of chess.

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Jits Tree by Mind Map: Jits Tree

1. Full Guard

1.1. Open Guard

1.1.1. Top Passing leg drag toriando JT Torres Leg drag X Pass

1.1.2. Bottom de la riva (steps back) back take hip grab to berimbolo load on/dump over to mount

1.2. Closed Guard

1.2.1. Top Transition double under Break Guard/Knee up cheerleader Can Opener

1.2.2. Bottom Sweeps Flower Gift wrap Hip bump While Lifted/Hip Bump Knee Opp. Stands, Underhook 2-1, Reverse Roll Attacks Arm bar Triangle Kimura Guillotine Ezekiel Omoplata/Standing Omoplata Barataplata V-bar Transition Arm Drag Rubber Guard

2. Turtle

2.1. Top

2.1.1. Attacks deep collar/rodeo Walk Around Arm Bar Clock Choke D'arce

2.1.2. Transitions Double Collar/Flip to Back Outside Ankle Pull to Side Hooks to Back Take

2.2. Bottom

2.2.1. Transitions

2.2.2. Sweeps Hand on Knee/Lift to Sweep

2.2.3. Attacks Elbow Lock to Straight Arm

3. Lasso Guard

3.1. Attacks

3.1.1. Omoplata (Defense) Dive under roll

3.1.2. Triangle

3.1.3. Arm bar/side control

4. Spider Guard

4.1. Attacks

4.1.1. Omoplata

4.1.2. Triangle

5. Half Guard

5.1. Top

5.1.1. Attacks d'arce

5.1.2. Transitions electric chair Z Guard Pass, Weave Hand/Knee slide berimbolo

5.2. Bottom

5.2.1. Sweeps electric chair Terra Guard Pass

5.2.2. Transitions underhook to back Z Guard Terra Guard

6. Side Control

6.1. Top

6.1.1. unstoppable

6.1.2. arm bar

6.1.3. bow and arrow

6.2. Bottom

6.2.1. Sweeps

6.2.2. Attacks lucaplata

6.2.3. Transitions

7. Mount

7.1. Top

7.1.1. Transition S-Mount Arm Bar Triangle Cross choke

7.1.2. Attacks arm bar eziekel americana triangle Guillotine head and arm choke

7.2. Bottom

7.2.1. Escapes grapevine knee slide

7.2.2. Sweeps Arm trap/bump

8. Crucifix

8.1. Top

8.1.1. straight arm lock

8.1.2. kimura

8.1.3. gi choke

8.2. Bottom

9. Back

9.1. Offense

9.1.1. attacks ezekiel cross choke bow and arrow

9.1.2. transitions body lock arm trap triangle

9.2. Defense

9.2.1. trap leg

9.2.2. slide lower

9.2.3. If Body locked, foot over ankle pressure

10. Takedowns

10.1. Single Leg

10.2. Double Leg