Marlayna Moeller

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Marlayna Moeller by Mind Map: Marlayna Moeller

1. Childhood

1.1. I was born in Rockledge Florida.

1.2. I grew up with my parents, three siblings, and two dogs.

1.3. I grew up and have lived in Melbourne my whole life, and aside from the occasional grumble about the hot weather, I love it here.

2. Education

2.1. I graduated from Melbourne High School with honors in 2013.

2.2. Then I went on to attend Brevard Community College, which became Eastern Florida State College while I attended. I graduated with an Associate in Arts in General Studies in 2015.

2.3. I am currently attending the University of Central Florida, working towards a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education.

3. Personal Interests

3.1. Reading has always been one of my favorite pastimes. I mostly read young adult novels. A few of my favorites include the Lunar Chronicles, the Song of the Lioness quartet, and the Darkest Powers trilogy.

3.2. I also like to play video games. One of the first games I got into was Pokemon Crystal version, but since then I've expanded into games like Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, and Legend of Zelda, among others.

3.3. Although I'm not very good at it, I enjoy photography. I have studied a bit of photography, but I would love to learn more, and improve my current technique.