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Academic Library Administration by Mind Map: Academic Library Administration
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Academic Library Administration

Extra-curricular activities

Knowledge and Project Management Symposium, Organizing Committee 2009, 2010

Knowledge and Information Professionals Association, Board Member 2010

Reference and User Services Association 2009-2010

American Library Association 2009-2010

Tulsa Young Professionals, 2008-2009

President, Eco-OSU 2006-2007

Library Student Journal, Emerging Leader 2009

Training and Conferences

Customer Service, Content Management System, NMSS 2008

World Cat Collection Analysis May 2010

Community of Oklahoma Instruction Libraries, Unconference 2009

Annual Oklahoma Library Association Conference 2010


LRC Evaluation

eReader Circulation Program

Supervised Volunteers


LIS 5243: Academic library Administration

LIS 5223: Information Technology Management

LIS 5023: Management of Knowledge Organizations

LIS 5053: Information in Knowledge Organization