10 vocabulary words

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10 vocabulary words by Mind Map: 10 vocabulary words

1. Organic Compounds

1.1. The compounds containing carbon that are typically found in living systems

1.1.1. The water contains carbon in this picture.

2. Inorganic Compounds

2.1. A compound that does not contain hydrocarbon.

2.1.1. H2O

3. Evaporation

3.1. The change of a liquid into a vapor at a temperature below the boiling point. Evaporation takes place at the surface of a liquid, where molecules with the highest kinetic energy are able to escape.

3.1.1. In this picture evaporation is shown in this picture by water molecules evaporating into the atmosphere.

4. Transpiration

4.1. The process of giving off vapor containing water and waste products, especially through the stomata on leaves or the pores of the skin.

4.1.1. Transpiration is shown by liquid turning into gas coming off the plants.

5. Precipitation

5.1. A form of water, such as rain, snow, or sleet, that condenses from the atmosphere, becomes too heavy to remain suspended, and falls to the Earth's surface.

5.1.1. In this picture precipitation is shown by it raining out of the clouds.

6. Molecule

6.1. A combination of two or more atoms.

6.1.1. In this picture molecule is shown by the water molecules evaporating into the atmosphere.

7. Compound

7.1. A substance combining atoms of two or more different elements.

7.1.1. Water is a compound in this picture

8. Hydrocarbons

8.1. An organic compound combining hydrogen and carbon.

8.1.1. H2O is an example of hydrocarbon

9. The Water Cycle

9.1. The cycle of processes by which water circulates between the earth's oceans, atmosphere, and land, involving precipitation as rain and snow, drainage in streams and rivers, and return to the atmosphere by evaporation and transpiration.

9.1.1. The Water cycle is made up of Precipitation, Transpiration, Evaporation, and Condensation.

10. Condensation

10.1. The change of a gas or vapor to a liquid, either by cooling or by being subjected to increased pressure.

10.1.1. This relates to the picture because condensation is formed up into the clouds.