Vocabulary chapter 3; Sections 1 and 3

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Vocabulary chapter 3; Sections 1 and 3 by Mind Map: Vocabulary  chapter 3; Sections 1 and 3

1. Molecule

1.1. A molecule relates to a compound the only difference is they are atoms not elements like compounds

2. Hydrocarbons

2.1. This is just Hydrogen and carbon and relates to being a compound because it has 2 elements.

3. Organic compounds

3.1. Contains carbon and can be alive an organic com[pound is the opposite of a inorganic compound.

4. Inorganic compounds

4.1. Inorganic compounds lack carbon so it relates to this picture by having oxygen, hydrogen, and bromine

5. The Water Cycle

5.1. holds all the parts of the water cycle including Condensation, Transpiration, Precipitation, and evaporation.

6. Evaporation

6.1. Its when a liquid forms in to a gas relates to the water cycle because all the water goes back up into the atmosphere by evaporation.

7. Transpirations

7.1. Through plants the release of water vapor, then by evaporation the water vapor goes up into the atmosphere.

8. Percipitation

8.1. Is rain or snow This changes a gas to a liquid the opposite of evaporation.

9. Condensations

9.1. Relates to the water cycle picture by traveling from the Atmosphere and the creates Precipitation.

10. Compound

10.1. A compound is 2 or more elements together. This picture has calcium and Hydrogen together.

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