ICT Lesson Planning

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ICT Lesson Planning by Mind Map: ICT Lesson Planning

1. Maps Lesson Plan

1.1. Objectives

1.1.1. Blooms Wheel

1.1.2. Manitoba Curriculum KC-001: Give examples of ways in which geographic knowledge and understanding can inform decision making VC-001: Value the importance of geographic knowledge and understanding in making informed decisions S-201: Organize and record information in a variety of formats and reference sources appropriately S-400: Listen to others to understand their perspectives

1.1.3. ICT Curriculum 4.2 Present information and ideas orally, visually, concretely, or electronically 5.2 Cooperate and collaborate with others

1.2. Prerequisites

1.2.1. In the previous class, students would have had google maps explained to them and some time to explore google maps as a tool.

1.3. Resources

1.3.1. Google Maps

1.3.2. Youtube

1.3.3. Student Google Accounts

1.3.4. Computers

1.4. Notes

1.4.1. General Information Grade 10 Geography Cluster 1: Geographic Literacy

1.4.2. Activate Students will watch a short Youtube video about a Canadian Landscape Rap. This rap goes over all of the different landscapes across Canada.

1.4.3. Acquire Students will be shown a google map of Canada and be asked to pinpoint some places that they have been to.

1.4.4. Apply Students will be shown a teacher exemplar of a road trip map across Canada with various different landscapes pointed out. Students will then get into pairs and create a road trip map and point out 10 different landscapes across Canada on their planned road trip. Teacher's Road Trip Map Exemplar

2. Podcasts Lesson Plan

2.1. Objectives

2.1.1. Blooms Wheel

2.1.2. Manitoba Curriculum 1.1.3 Experiment with Language and Forms: demonstrate a willingness to take risks in language use and experiment with language and forms of expression 2.1.3 Textual Cues: use textual cues and prominent organizational patterns to construct and confirm meaning and interpret texts. 2.1.4 Cueing Systems: use syntactic, semantic, graphophonic, and pragmatic cueing systems to construct and confirm meaning and interpret texts.

2.1.3. ICT Curriculum 4.1 Generate and Focus 4.4 Present and Share 5.2 Encourage, Support, and Work with Others

2.2. Prerequisites

2.2.1. Students will be given a short lesson on how to use Vocaroo and how to post it to their Google Blogs to share with the rest of the class.

2.3. Resources

2.3.1. Vocaroo

2.3.2. Google Accounts for Students

2.3.3. Youtube "One Guy, 14 Voices"

2.3.4. Computers

2.4. Notes

2.4.1. General Information Grade 10 ELA All About Fiction Unit

2.4.2. Activate Students will watch the youtube video "One Guy, 14 Voices".

2.4.3. Acquire Students and teacher will have a class discussion on different types of voice such as reading with expression, reading with monotone, etc. The teacher will play two examples, once read monotone, and once read with emotion. Read monotone Read with emotion

2.4.4. Apply Students will get in pairs and explore two different kinds of voice. Students will read out loud and record it with Vocaroo. Students will need to read their chosen piece out loud twice with two different types of voice and record it on Vocaroo. Students will then upload this to their Google Blogs.

3. Videocast Lesson Plan

3.1. Objectives

3.1.1. Blooms Wheel

3.1.2. Manitoba Curriculum 2.3.4 Experiment with Language: experiment with and use language, visuals, and sounds to influence thought, emotions, and behaviour. 2.3.5 Create Original Texts: create original texts to communicate ideas and enhance understanding of forms and techniques. 3.3.2 Record Information: synthesize and record information, ideas, and perspectives from a variety of sources; document sources accurately. 4.2.5 Enhance Presentation: use appropriate strategies and devices to enhance the impact of presentations.

3.1.3. ICT Curriculum 5.2 Encourage, Support, and Work with Others 4.4 Present and Share 3.3 Organize, Record, and Assess 3.1 Plan and Focus

3.2. Prerequisites

3.2.1. In the previous class, students will be given a short tutorial on how to use Screencastify and how to edit their videos on youtube.

3.3. Resources

3.3.1. Youtube "How to make a Paper Airplane" "How to make Fried Chicken"

3.3.2. Screencastify

3.3.3. Google Accounts for Students

3.3.4. Computers

3.3.5. Smart Board

3.3.6. mindmeister.com

3.4. Notes

3.4.1. General Information Grade 12 ELA Public Speaking Unit

3.4.2. Activate Students will be asked what kind of online tutorials they have watched or what kind of online tutorials students wish were on the internet. These answers will be recorded on the Smart Board on mindmeister.com.

3.4.3. Acquire Students will watch two Youtube videos including "How to make a Paper Airplane" and "How to make Fried Chicken". They will also watch my youtube how to tutorial example video. Kaitlan's "How to Pick out a Perfect Tortoise for you" tutorial.

3.4.4. Apply Students will then be asked their own online tutorial using Screencastify. This can involve any Google tools, Youtube videos, power point, etc. This will be presented in their final public speech.

4. Collaborative Document Lesson Plan

4.1. Objectives

4.1.1. Blooms Wheel

4.1.2. Manitoba Curriculum 1.2.3 Combine Ideas: Structure and restructure ideas and information to extend current understanding and to broaden personal perspectives of the world. 1.1.2 Consider Others' Ideas: Acknowledge the value of others' ideas and opinions in exploring and extending personal interpretations and viewpoints.

4.1.3. ICT Curriculum 5.2 Encourage, Support, and Work with Others 3.1 Plan and Focus

4.2. Prerequisites

4.2.1. In the previous class, students will create their google accounts and be shown a short tutorial on mindmeister.com as a tool.

4.3. Resources

4.3.1. Computers

4.3.2. Google Accounts for Students

4.3.3. Mindmeister.com

4.3.4. Smart Board

4.4. Notes

4.4.1. General Information Grade 9 ELA Introduction to Essay Writing Unit

4.4.2. Activate The teacher will ask students about their interests and create a mind map on mindmeister.com to record their answers.

4.4.3. Acquire Students will then be given the assignment to partner up and write an essay together on something that they are both interested in. This will be an introductory essay for the students.

4.4.4. Apply Students will create a mind map on mindmeister.com to think of ideas for their partner paper. This is an example of a collaborative mind map done by myself and Megan.