Organizing the school library

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Organizing the school library by Mind Map: Organizing the school library

1. Verbal/Linguistic

1.1. Instructions for building the library

1.2. Writing the book labels

2. Naturalistic

2.1. What kind of shelves will be used

2.2. What books will be select

3. Logical/Mathematic

3.1. Calculate number of books per subject

3.2. Operating schedule

3.3. Students shift work

4. Body/Kinesthetic

4.1. Who is going to assemble the shelves

4.2. Who will be the librarian

5. Existential

5.1. What is the purpose for organizing a library

5.2. What can students gain from the use of a library

6. Intrapersonal

6.1. What can I achieve by usng the school library?

7. Interpersonal

7.1. How can I collaborate with other students?

8. Visual/Spatial

8.1. What design will the library have?

9. Musical/Rythmic

9.1. Which sounds will be allowed to be heard