Ch3. Lesson 1& 3

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Ch3. Lesson 1& 3 by Mind Map: Ch3. Lesson 1& 3

1. The Water Cycle

2. Molecule: the smallest unit of an element

2.1. Water Molcules are the molecules in this picture

3. Condenstation: the change of water from water vapor to into liquid water

3.1. The water in the clouds is changing from a vapor to liquid.

4. Compound: a substance composed of two or elements

4.1. Precipitation is water and water is a compound H2O.

5. Hydrocarbon: an organic compound only containing carbon and hydrogen

5.1. Water is made up of hydrogen and carbon.

6. Organic Compounds: Compounds containing carbon atoms and usually hydrogen atoms jointed by covalent bonds

6.1. The air made up of Co2.

7. Inorganic compounds: compunds that lack carbon-to-carbon bonds

7.1. Fossil Fuels under the ground are inorganic compounds

8. The Water Cycle:The cycle in which water cycles the earth

8.1. The water cycle consitis of Evaporation, Condenstation,Transpirtation, ans Precipitation as shown in the picture.

9. Evaporation: a change of liquid to vapor

9.1. In the water cycle the water is being evaporated into the atmosphere

10. Transpirtation: the process in which water travels from a plants roots through the vascular system to the atmosphere

10.1. The trees are giving water to the atmosphere

11. Precipitation: water falls from the coulds onto Earth

11.1. The rain is falling form the clouds is an example of precipitation.