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Oceanside Outriggers Website by Mind Map: Oceanside Outriggers Website
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Oceanside Outriggers Website

Memberclicks Features

Information Links

Membership Management

Import / export


Print center


User / permission based content on frontend

Forms / polls / surveys

User directory


Discussion forums

Social network integration

Problems with existing site

Examples & Feature Research

New node




Google Calendars

What are we offering?

Complete redesign

Not preferred - Work with memberclick data

Just backend member management and reporting

Just front end redesign

Options / questions

Payment processing

File and message sharing

Printing and labels

Memberclicks Admnistration

Creates on the fly lists

Option to save search as a list quickly

Member search

Members can change all their attributes without approval

Demo Site Requests

Import test data

Can family members be set to edit others in their family?

Focus should be on providing info about the sport, history, culture and many aspects of the sport

Event calendar

Marketplace, shopping cart.

Notifications of new members only for act ins he has to do manually

Reporting needs to big focus. No need to create these 1 off lists, just create ad hoc reports that can create email lists

Ability to decide, at point of message update, who is notified of changes

Accounting reporting needs to be flexible. Create custom reports on the fly.

Email, message tracking and reports to be able to see demographics to focus marketing efforts

Log in, give demo in 3 steps on how to go to a group of members and email them. Don't have access to osideoutriggers .com but can use another domain

Shopping cart items, tshirts, canoe spaces, race fees, memberships

Make bulletin board system work

By tomorrow night / clean it up / dead l inks

Polls viewable to members only

Emphasize the contrast between public and private viewable data

Building site