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Salvation by Mind Map: Salvation

1. Jesus was human

1.1. Made perfect example of how to live

2. Jesus death

2.1. Resolve problems of sins an human failure

3. Jesus' resurrection

3.1. Show God's total power over death

4. Returns to Earth on judgement day

4.1. Divide people of those who will receive the gift of life and those who refused

5. Gospels

5.1. ' I am the resurrection and the life'

5.2. 'no one comes to the Father except through me

6. Evangelical Christians

6.1. Those believe in Son of God will go to heaven

7. Affects Christians daily life

7.1. Affects attitudes towards beliefs and actions

7.2. New Testament

7.2.1. Faith No need to lead a good life with faith

7.3. Works

7.3.1. Beliefs do not matter, actions are what save them

7.4. Some combine two