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iTunes U by Mind Map: iTunes U

1. A few applications that I observed students using were Martha Stewarts’ CraftStudio, TouchCast, Animoto, and TimelineBuilder...

1.1. ASSIGNMENT - Use TimeBuilder or some other timeline app of your choice to CREATE a timeline that captures the major events that led to Gatsby's death. At each point give three sentences to support your decision to make the event you chose significant enough to note in your timeline. #GreatGatsby

1.2. ASSIGNMENT - In groups of three of four visit . Choose two math apps to EVALUATE 1. if these apps would be effective learning tools in the secondary classroom (grades 7-12), 2. what age group(s)/grades would get the most out of these apps and 3. three features that you would add to exercise a math concept we learned this semester. Do this by testing and critiquing the apps.

2. This app enables teachers to CREATE and access documents, presentations and learning materials, and then upload this information to a shared space #consistently #digitally and #timely for their students to access.

2.1. #Creatingadigitalcurriculum

3. What are iTunes U PROs & CONs?

3.1. It's FREEEE!!!

3.2. A paperless, eco-friendly way to engage both teachers and students through digital learning devices and applications that frees everyone from the anachronistic usage of textbooks- Yayyyyy

3.3. Total reliance on internet technology in and out of school means 1. hefty bandwidth ($cha-ching$ public schools usually don't have the budget to sustain this) 2. a super strong and reliable internet carrier and 3. accommodations for families who do not have the financial means or access to the internet.

3.4. Both teachers and students need iPads to access all the apps and features iTunes U affords its' users

3.4.1. E. Soble- I know this would be a rough thing for some areas to use that were poverty level. They don't always have access to an Ipad outside of school. Actually our school district doesn't allow the students to take the Ipads home, just use them in the library or classroom. Unless the schools that were going to use this purchased Ipads for every teacher AND student a lot might not get done at home.

4. How can iTunes U enhance learning?

4.1. Students can work collaboratively through different sub-apps and upload their final product to the shared course shell.

4.1.1. W.Schumacher- Can students work collaboratively in the iTunes U environment, or do they need different apps? It would be great if people could use this as a tool to plan, develop, and create a course.

4.2. This app enables students to ANALYZE, EVALUATE and CREATE original media to share with their teachers, classmates and the world using a social media app.

4.2.1. #Globalanddigitalcitizens

5. How can iTunes U enhance teaching?

5.1. Teachers are forced to ANALYZE and align state standards with assignments; and think creatively about teaching and learning.

5.1.1. Some teachers have followers beyond the students in their classroom.

6. What is iTunes U?

6.1. An Apple, Inc. application that serves as a virtual storehouse for educational institutions to share and access free scholastic information.

6.1.1. Yes it exist! String Theory Charter High School is a performing arts, paperless project-based learning center. The teachers in this K-10th grade school designs instruction based on the Pennsylvania Common Core Standards and then upload their lesson plans to iTunes U as courses. visit T. Conley. I've walked by this school many times as I worked just down the street from it for 6 months this year. I always wondered what it was. Now I'm even more interested!

6.1.2. Learn more about it

7. How does iTunes U Work?

7.1. Just download the iTunes U app and get started!

7.2. Students are only given their course name in iTunes U.

7.3. Teachers upload course materials (electronic books, assignments/rubrics, lectures, grades, suggested apps to download to complete assignments...etc.) for students to peruse and navigate.

7.3.1. Jeannine McGoldrick: This almost reminds me of Blackboard. Is there a program you can think of that it's similar to?

8. How much is iTunes U?

8.1. FREEEE!!! Anyone can download the app on their Apple Device and follow a course for free. However, not all the content within the course materials are free.