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Visuals by Mind Map: Visuals

1. Provide a concrete referent to for ideas

1.1. 3D shapes is very tricky to teach

1.1.1. Because of this I use these:

2. Make abstract ideas concrete

2.1. Echolocation is a hard topic for students to understand so a video visual helps make this more concrete


3. Motivate learners

3.1. By using visuals in my classroom it helps motivate learners by showing students a different side of the topic we are about to discuss

4. Direct attention

4.1. When creating a Can, Have, Are chart I use different colors

4.1.1. The main topic would be in red (Bats).

4.1.2. The can, have, are would be in blue.

4.1.3. All of the details would be listed in green (fly, thumbs, mammals.

5. Repeat information

5.1. Alphabet Song - showing students the letter, consonant or vowel, and words that start with the letter.


6. Recall prior learning

6.1. Close Reading Board

6.1.1. Recalling vocabulary with pictures and sentence strips

6.1.2. Displaying genre of book

6.1.3. Displaying cover of book

6.1.4. Displaying essential question

7. Reduce learning effort

7.1. Displaying a KWL chart

7.1.1. What do my students know about bats? Bats eat bugs and fruit.

7.1.2. What do my students want to know about bats? How many different kinds of bats are there?

7.1.3. What did my students learn about bats? Bat use ecolocation.

7.2. Can, Have, Are chart

7.2.1. Bats can fly.

7.2.2. Bats have thumbs.

7.2.3. Bats are mammals.