Social Media in Business Marketing

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Social Media in Business Marketing by Mind Map: Social Media in Business Marketing

1. Twitter

1.1. "Tweeting" updates to followers makes them feel involved

1.2. Maintaining a schedule and sticking to it lets customers look forward to the bits of information provided

2. Facebook

2.1. Facebook is a good platform to be more intimately connected with consumers

2.2. Sometimes providing exclusive Facebook information or offers makes the people that like the page feel special

2.2.1. They should be rewarded for giving the company another "like" or "follow"

3. LinkedIn

3.1. This is another social media platform, but instead of interacting with customers, this gives companies a chance to connect with each other

3.2. Connecting with similar companies is helpful for advice and smaller businesses to have friendly interaction

4. Instagram

4.1. It is important to know what each social platform is best for

4.2. Instagram is a rather specific platform, so special attention needs to be fixed on what kind of content will be posted on each social platform.

5. Keeping up with the traffic of customers

5.1. It is a good idea to start with only one or two types of social media platforms to stay on top of updating them at first appropriately

5.2. When a company starts with a fewer amount of social media, it makes mastery of the platform possible, and allows for quality posts from the business

6. Customer Complaints

6.1. It is important that negative feedback never goes unnoticed

6.2. Negative reviews or complaints need to be addressed promptly with an apology and an alternative for an attempt to fix what the customer is unhappy about

7. Everyone Uses the Internet

7.1. There is a whole second life online now, so it is important to master connecting with customers via the Internet

7.2. If it is an online business, it is imperative that the company has an online presence to interact and share with their customers or vice versa