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95 Theses by Mind Map: 95 Theses

1. Science and Innovation

1.1. A New Science [LK]

1.2. New Life Science & MedTech/Device [LK or DC]

1.3. Openness Drives Effective Action [LK]

1.4. New Intelligence [LK]

2. Economics

2.1. Economics and Transparency [DC]

2.2. New Economics [DC]

2.3. New Health Plans, New Health Benefits [DC]

3. Individual Control

3.1. New Choices for Individuals and Care Teams [LK]

3.2. New Data Ownership Rights [LK]

3.3. Individuals and Engagement [LK]

4. Providers, enabling change

4.1. New Roles and Relationships for Providers [LK or DC]

4.2. New Education [DC]

4.3. New System [DC]

5. Person to person

5.1. Relationships and Peer to Peer Networks Will Become Central [LK]

5.2. Community-driven health [DC]