Social Media and Marketing

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Social Media and Marketing by Mind Map: Social Media and Marketing

1. Marketing to content creators/ consumers

1.1. Its important to supply content creators with the proper tools so they can easily advertise the product.

1.2. Social Media allows anyone to have a say, the input of individuals are available to companies for feedback.

2. Advertising on Social Media Outlets

2.1. Social Media allows for people to express themselves, and this creates an easier way for marketers to target certain interests.

3. The Internet

3.1. Virtually everyone uses the Internet, it is important to use for school, business, and now social aspects of life. This is the biggest tool to discover peoples interests and spread the word. Friends and Business associates forward emails, post links to Facebook walls, and instagram things they enjoy. It is easy to see what consumers interests are simply from their social media.

4. Identifying your target market

4.1. After deciding who your target market is, it is easy to decide where to advertise. For example; if you want to advertise to teenagers, than the best place to do that would be instagram or twitter.

5. The Benefits of Social Media to Marketers

5.1. People are finding ways to avoid traditional advertisements such as those you see on television, so social media allows marketers to be interactive with their consumers.

5.2. Advertising on social media allows the opportunity for the product to go viral. It also allows you to create an online community for your brand.

6. Costumer reviews

6.1. Reviews are important because many people investigate and research products of interest before purchasing them. A costumer review can really effect a consumers opinion.