Learning Outside of the Classroom

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Learning Outside of the Classroom by Mind Map: Learning Outside of the Classroom

1. Advantages

1.1. Making learning more relevant

1.2. Learning through play and experimentation

1.3. Nurturing creativity

1.4. New opportunities for students

1.5. Limitless resources

1.6. More engaging

2. Places to Learn Out of the Classroom

2.1. Field Trips

2.2. At Home

2.3. Outdoor

2.4. Online

3. Techniques

3.1. Case-based learning/ Case method teaching

3.2. Concept Mapping

3.3. Discussion and Debate

3.4. Quizzes/ Exames

3.4.1. Group quizzes

3.4.2. Multiple test opportunities

3.4.3. First day final examinations

3.5. Jigsaw

3.6. Peer Instruction

3.7. Problem-based learning

4. Non-Traditional Teaching and Learning

4.1. Nurturing to all types of learners

4.2. Experimental methods allow teachers to find what works and what does not