Dobe Ju/hoansi

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Dobe Ju/hoansi by Mind Map: Dobe Ju/hoansi

1. Richard B. Lee, 1963

2. Finding the Dobe Ju

2.1. Not his first choice because other groups had contact and were more sedentary

2.1.1. He is our white-man wanted to gain gifts

3. Building relationships

3.1. Is this okay? (laptops vs tobacco and blankets)

3.2. language differences

3.2.1. Lee having lots of difficulty with clicks and clucks, and Dobe having tons of trouble with English

3.2.2. laughter is common language to everyone

4. Interaction

4.1. story of communication

4.1.1. racism vs romanticism

4.1.2. telling the story of the people Ishmael

4.2. Family line

4.2.1. asking Richard Lee about his family -- and lineage naming conventions of the Dobe Ju Bhutan -- still like this in terms of knowing epithets - ways of identifying ourselves that give us more than our personal identity