product: PLATFORM

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product: PLATFORM by Mind Map: product: PLATFORM

1. Big Picture of SPARKS 42 and its products

2. what kind of platform it will be?

3. for who?

3.1. small or big companies?

3.2. aware of not aware what they can gain by it?

4. what it'll be doing/ features?

5. what it is?

6. what is for?

7. How / in what it can help?

8. Name

8.1. company name: Sparks42

8.1.1. products names idea: Synonymous of Sparks42 Flare42 Flare / fashion magazine Flicker /a digital photo sharing website and service Flicker42 Gleam (buissnes grow platform) Glint ?? redirecting to Glint42 nucleus Nucleus42


9.1. Style

9.1.1. Responsive?

9.1.2. Colors?

9.1.3. On Wordpress platform?

9.1.4. Trend?

9.1.5. Typography?

10. Competition:

10.1. The thing that distinguishes us from our competition?