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Mesopotamia by Mind Map: Mesopotamia

1. goverment

1.1. the akkadian Empire had a vary strong military so the could invade othere empirs

1.2. most of the Mesopotamian empires had a capital were they would do goverment business like Babylon for the Babylonian emprie

2. Social Structure

2.1. most of the of the Mesopotamian empires had rulers like Hammurabi and sargon

2.2. some of the weaker empires would send money to other empries to show that the empire that they send money to is Superior

3. writing

3.1. the code of laws is a great example of writing because it wrote down important laws witch made official and so the people would know the laws

3.2. in ancient Mesopotamian did not have paper and pens the would crave in stones to witch were called cuneiform.

4. religion

4.1. in the Assyrian empire religion was vary important even kings had to obey gods they also built a lot of religions buildings and suclptrues for kings to

4.2. the Sumerians were one of the first Mesopotamian empires and were also one of the most religious they would build huge temples called Ziggurats were they would go and pray

5. tecnogly

5.1. the neo Babylonians were vary advanced for there time they had built the first sundial witch was vary impotent for the time

5.2. the Neo Babylons also were trying to advanced there tecnogly astronomy witch in my opipn is one of the most tecnogly advaned thing for that time period

6. art

6.1. bas-reliefs were a major part in Assyrian art some of the most famous bas-reliefs were placed on important buildings

6.2. the Sumerians believed that music would please the gods so music was played a lot in temples witch led them to crate instruments and have amazing singers

7. stable food suple

7.1. the Assyrians used pipes called aqueducts it would allow water to get to the city from far away places witch was vary important for the time they would also build levees so the plants would not flood

7.2. the sumarins were one of the first to crate irrigation n systems witch would water the crops so they would grow along with that they would also demestacate animals to plow fields