Differentiating a Lesson Shinese Anderson

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Differentiating a Lesson Shinese Anderson by Mind Map: Differentiating a Lesson Shinese Anderson

1. Teaching Stratgies

1.1. Student 1

1.1.1. Read a book about dinosaurs. Reinforce rules of siting on the carpet,constantly repeating, sit on the carpet, criss cross and hand in your lap. Use blocks to make letters and shapes.

1.2. Student 2

1.2.1. Repeat sentences or phrases used by student using correct speech, for example, the student says "I ike nanas" and the Teacher will say "You like bananas." Use pictures to convey messages. Sing songs every chance given to enhance vocablary. Ask questions, allow the student to respond and read books everyday.

1.3. Student 3

1.3.1. Allow student to help others when needed. Continue to enhance on what they already know, asking questions whenever appropiate, (What shapes or colors do you see? What letter is this?) Allow student to draw pictures and tell a story to go along with it. Give chances twice a day to write either name, sentences, stories, or letters.

2. 21st Century Technology

2.1. IPads

2.2. IPods and MP3 players

2.3. Listening Centers

2.4. Movies on the smart board.

3. Learning Profiles, Interest and Readiness Levels

3.1. Student 1

3.1.1. This student is interested in dinosaurs, blocks and cars.

3.1.2. Readiness Level: He struggles with sitting through morning meeting and read alouds. He has a stutter and does not know letters, numbers colors or shapes.

3.2. Student 2

3.2.1. This student is interested in playing in dramatic play, dancing, reading books and singing songs.

3.2.2. Readiness Level: Student 2 has never been in school before not even daycare. She has a mild speech problem and she knows a few shapes, letters, numbers and colors.

3.3. Student 3

3.3.1. This student is interested in books, songs, coloring and drawing.

3.3.2. Readiness Level: Student 3 loves school and learning, she can almost recognize all uppercase letters. She recognize numbers, colors and shapes.

4. Learning Objective

4.1. Retell a story and/or events of a story once it has been read.