IndyHackers Mission

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IndyHackers Mission by Mind Map: IndyHackers Mission

1. Communication

1.1. Cross-pollination chat utility

1.2. Great way to keep a meetup community engaged between meetups

1.3. With all of the meetups under one organization, the hope is that the friction to engage in other conversations is much lower

2. Jobs

2.1. Job Board

3. Bi-Annual Social Gathering

3.1. Fun

3.2. Networking

4. Mentorship

4.1. Speaking at XTern program

4.2. We could be the catalyst for a program that included seniors being mentored by execs as well as mentoring juniors

5. Make the meetup hosting process easier

5.1. Sponsorship

5.1.1. is hard...if it could flow through a 501c, it would be easier, and would give another incentive to potential sponsors

5.2. Organization of these things is hard

5.2.1. We could be a support group for the organizers

5.2.2. Help them come up with topics

5.2.3. Facilitate cross-pollination

5.3. Venues

5.3.1. can be difficult to wrangle

5.3.2. If we have relationships with a lot of them around town...we may be able to help

6. Give Indianapolis hackers a place to call home

6.1. Create a voice for local programmers

6.1.1. West coast devs have an identity...east coast devs have an identity as well...ultimately midwest needs a voice, and IndyHackers could be the megaphone for this voice/identity

6.1.2. Local pride

6.1.3. Could help with the brain drain

6.1.4. Newsletter

7. Mission Statement Options

7.1. We are a a bunch of programmers, nerds, geeks, hackers who love the local development community and wants to unify, help organize, and amplify what we are doing here in Indy