Racial discrimination

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Racial discrimination by Mind Map: Racial discrimination

1. Employers makes fun of black people and bully them.

2. Poor labor (harsh requirements)

3. The penalty is higher for coloured people

4. No real value or worth

5. Low jobs eg. House Cleaner(maid), Field worker.

6. No education - no high quality work

7. Personal opinions instead of evidence

8. Qualifications always higher when employing coloured people

9. White bosses don't want to employ black workers if possible .

10. Cant read or write

11. Education

11.1. Not available for coloured people

11.2. No educational values and practices

11.3. Talking is not at a high standard

11.4. Knowledge is limited

12. Law & Order

12.1. No fair trials

12.2. Not allowed in juries

12.3. Considered liars

12.4. Lawyers/judges/juries racism affects the results of the case

12.5. When questioning mood, lawyers are not afraid of hurting feelings, they are more harsh on blacks.

13. No help from government

14. No contact with white persons

15. Waste of earth for them

16. Home were separated from the white peoples houses!

17. Has no stop so try end it

18. racism is continued around the world

19. Depressing

20. Work /Wealth

20.1. Longer Hours

20.2. Wages lower then white people

21. Views Social/Individual

21.1. Badly treated People

21.2. A low creation