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LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) by Mind Map: LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum)
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LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum)

Systems thinking

Master complexity of dynamics instead of static details

Casual loop diagrams

Root cause tools

Measurement dysfunction

Secret developer toolbox

Organisation redesign

How to transition into cross-functional?

Cross-component, not component teams


Avoid...projects in product development

Communities of Practice

Top-down and Bottom-up approach

Seeing the whole


Reducing lean thinking to kanban, queue management and other tools is like reducing a working democracy to voting.

Toyota’s real advantage was its ability to harness the intellect of ‘ordinary’ employees.


Queueing Theory

Re-use info and knowledge


Design Patterns



Team as org. building block

Architecture and design

Set-based design (exploring several alternatives)

Design workshop

Agile Modelling

Writing code

No locking in version control

Continuous Integration

Trunk based development


Evolutionary Design

Shared code ownership

Multiple teams

Working agreements

Requirements area


Avoid traditional requirement management tools

Avoid tools optimized for reporting

Scrum Scaled Up

LeSS basic

LeSS huge

LeSS ScrumMaster

Product Owner in LeSS



Colocate entire requirement area? Yes and No!

Type of development

Product (external customer)

Internal (IT department)

Project (outsourcer)