The Year Of The Hangman By: Gary Blackwood

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The Year Of The Hangman By: Gary Blackwood by Mind Map: The Year Of The Hangman               By: Gary Blackwood

1. Character Map

1.1. Creighton Brown

1.1.1. Charlotte Brown: Mom Colonel Gower: Brother

1.1.2. Harry Brown:Dad

1.2. Sir Edward Lyndon: gentlemen suitor

1.3. Lieutenant Hale

1.4. Captain Pierce

1.5. Benedict Arnold

1.6. Peter

1.7. Sophie

1.8. Benjamin Franklin

1.9. Jean billouart:thief in the stockades

2. Setting Stage

2.1. England

2.1.1. Tavern

2.1.2. Home

2.1.3. Execution

2.2. Ship Crossing The Atlantic

2.2.1. Amity

2.3. Carolina: for a moment

2.4. Florida on the amity

2.5. Revenge: A "rebel" Ship

2.6. New Orleans

2.6.1. Benjamin Franklin's House

2.6.2. The cabildo

2.7. Florida

2.7.1. Tavern

2.7.2. Pensacola

3. vocabulary

3.1. Chapter 1-14 test date: 10/29

3.1.1. transgressions idle subversive indignant amiably indentured rancid peevishly rotund demure mundane indignant sacrilegious cryptic morbid antagonize indentured shrewd raucous inferna

4. Depth & Complexity icons

4.1. Main ideas Ch. 1-3

4.1.1. Rebellious Teenager Spoiled Brat

4.1.2. There is potential in Creighton

4.1.3. Sometimes hard times and sacrifices help you reach your goal.

4.2. Unanswered Questions ch. 5-8

4.2.1. What will Franklin do when he sees that Creghtion has destroyed his print stuff

4.2.2. where is his uncle and lieutenant Hale

4.2.3. How will Creighton help Gower and Hale? Will he help them?

4.3. SWABS Ch #13

4.3.1. Somebody

4.3.2. Wanted

4.3.3. But

4.3.4. So

4.4. Details Ch 19-20

4.4.1. "You're implying im a spy I resent it!' - Creighton

4.4.2. "Youre going to fight a duel?" - Creighton

5. Reading journal

5.1. Journal #1:

5.1.1. am probably living the suckle life right now ive been shipped away from my own freaking mother… Wait what my own mother? Yes i have been going rock bottom so my mother sent me to the colonies where then it wasn't that bad until I heard we were heading towards florid. Then on the way to Florida we were aborted from a nice crew called the privateers wait A.K.A the Americans rebels, after this i meet a kid named peter. He was big shouldered and not that fast probably

5.2. Journal #2:

5.2.1. I well know info of the liberty tree, before even Arnold walked in talking about it. I just helped my uncle and a friend of mine luiten tie Hale escape the prison and as I was running with them I begged my uncle to take me but then “whack”! I woke up the next day back at franklin's house I walked outside my room to see ben waiting for me. I was scared a course because I was the one right next to the prison and the prisoners were let out now i'm in trouble and ben forgave me whoo! As the days went by and as I was going to sleep I smelt something like burning wood just to look out my window to see indians setting it on fire. As I tackled one of them I then saw ben and sophie coming out he told me to help him get all the types as we went in part of the roof fell on to ben and I was trying to pull ben but I couldn't make it then I woke in my room with sophie in my room trying to give me water. As I walked to see if ben was okay the doctor told me that ben had a few broken ribs and something,I walked to my room to ge to bed. I woke up the next day and was ready to talk to ben but everyone was standing there I has asked what wrong and sophie told me that ben was died.

6. Final Predictions

6.1. They are going to find a way to help Harry brown escape

6.2. Harry brown knows where Washington is being held

6.3. There are going to find Washington but he will be dead