The Year of the Hangman By Gary Blackwood

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The Year of the Hangman By Gary Blackwood by Mind Map: The Year of the Hangman By Gary Blackwood

1. Character Map

1.1. Creighton Brown

1.1.1. Charlotte Brown: Mom Colonel Gower: Brother

1.1.2. Harry Brown: Father

1.2. Sir Edward Lyndon: Gentleman Suitor

1.3. Lieutenant Hale

1.4. Captain Pierce: Amity Captain/Died in Chapter #4

1.5. Benedict Arnold: General of the Continental Army

1.6. Peter: Crew member of the Revenge/ Big and Slow

1.7. Sophie: French Girl Staying with Franklin

1.8. Benjamin Franklin

1.9. Jean Billouart: Theif in the Stockades

2. Setting Map

2.1. England

2.1.1. Tavern

2.1.2. Home

2.1.3. Execution

2.2. Ships Crossing Atlantic

2.2.1. Amity

2.3. Carolina: For a Moment

2.4. Headed to Florida on the Amity

2.5. Revenge: A "Rebel" Ship

2.6. New Orleans

2.6.1. Benjamin Franklin's House

2.6.2. The Cabildo

2.6.3. Printing Shop at Franklin's House

2.7. Pensacola

2.8. Carolina: For a Moment

2.9. Florida

2.9.1. Tavern: to get Almanac

2.9.2. Prison: St. Marks

3. Vocabulary

3.1. Chapters 1 - 14 Test date: 10/29

3.1.1. transgressions idle subversive indignant amiably indentured rancid peevishly rotund demure mundane indignant sacrilegious cryptic morbid antagonize indentured shrewd raucous infernal

3.2. Chapter 15-23 Test date: 11/10

3.2.1. indiscreet duress adversary destitute inexplicable retaliate remnant naive divulge conspirator apothecary erasure dubious immoral deluge lucid sentries reproach

4. Depth & Complexity Icons

4.1. Main Ideas: Chapter 1-3

4.1.1. There is potential in Creighton

4.1.2. Explore! Sometimes hardtimes and sacrifices help you read your goal

4.1.3. Rebellious Teenager Spoiled Brat

4.2. Unanswered Questions: Chapter 5-8

4.2.1. Will Creighton do well as a printer?

4.2.2. How will Creighton help Gower and Hale? Will he help them?

4.2.3. Will Benedict Arnold still betray the Americans?

4.2.4. Will they ever reach where they want to go?

4.3. Details: Chapter 19-20

4.3.1. Creighton is very good at acting because he pulls of his character very well.

4.3.2. He is able to convince Gower that he is still on his side.

4.3.3. Gower want Creighton to translate the paper that Peter was supposed to give to Pedro O'Reilly.

4.3.4. Creighton translated it correctly for his own sake, but made up something to tell Gower.

4.3.5. When Gower asked how he translated the paper, Creighton said he just did trial and error. He said he did the errors on another sheet.

4.3.6. Benedict Arnold challenged Gower to a duel. They both broke the rules, but it ended with Gower getting shot and saying "St. Marks. Number four."

5. Final Predictions

5.1. Harry Brown might know where Washington is

5.2. They are going to find a way to get Harry Brown out of prison

5.3. Harry Brown is going to keep his loyalty with the Patriots

6. Journal Prompts

6.1. Creighton's View

6.1.1. You might want to get a little comfortable cause this might take a while. I remember playing cards and betting a lot. I thought I was going to win. I put in all my money and I felt so confident that I even started putting in markers. Then, it happened. I lost and I knew I was going to have to find some way to get all the money. Since I’m a gentleman, I try not to look as disappointed as I was. I had to go home. I hope my mother didn’t lock me out again. I get home and I get kidnapped. All I remember was getting a cloth in my mouth and over my head. My mother sent me on a ship to go with my uncle because “I just couldn’t handle him anymore.” Now, I’m on this ship called the Amity on my way to pretending to be an indentured servant. After the first day, I became sick of it, but I knew that this was for my own good. I need to act more conservative because indentured servants don’t really speak their opinion a lot. It’ll be hard, but I think I can do it. I’m still a little mad at my mother for sending me here. How does a mother just abandon her son? You should be able to care for your son no matter how messed up they are? I mean I can admit that I am pretty messed up. I don't know if I will ever change. All I know is that I really wanna go back to Bristol.

6.2. Changing

6.2.1. Creighton notices that loyalty is very important. If you are noticing that you are giving loyalty to the wrong people, then you change switch who you are loyal to. He finally understands what his father did and noticed that he did the correct thing. When Dr. Franklin died, it really opened Creighton’s eyes. When Creighton was at his funeral, he felt guilty because he knew that what he had said was the reason for the burning of the printing shop. He was the one that started it all. He knew he needed to teach them a lesson because Dr. Franklin dying in a situation that was basically started by him was a lesson enought. In chapter 17, Benedict Arnold thinks of a plan that involves Creighton and Peter. They are going to give counter information to the British. Creighton was starting to question the plan and if it was gonna work out. How were they supposed to be able to believe Benedict Arnold? Benedict Arnold made a good point and said that they wouldn't believe him or Peter, but they would believe Creighton. Creighton was along with the plan. He wanted to retaliate against Colonel Gower. He had gotten stuck in the head by a gun from his own uncle.

6.3. Reflect on Creighton

6.3.1. Others might say that Creighton hasn't become an actual hero because he hasn't saved someone's life, but to me he is. He acted like a hero mainly in the last two chapters. He promised his father that is he (Harry Brown) were to get too sick, that he would leave him behind. He didn't. His father confronted him about his promise and Creighton simply said he had lied. "I have learned that honor is not measured by words; its measures by deeds." Another way he acted as a hero is when he put others before him. When they had arrived home and Sophie saw that he had gotten shot, she worried about him, but he told her to worry about his father. He also wanted everyone to know what Dr. Franklin has written. He wanted to inform everyone on what was right and what everyone know deep down in their hearts was right. He didn't just want it to be send to people in New Orleans, but all over the Colonies and western territories. No hero wants war. If Franklin was considered a hero and smart and Creighton was thinking like he was, then he too should be considered a hero. "There never was a good war or a bad peace." He thought that people weren't just fighting for property, but for gain and for, as we say today "bragging rights". He soon learned that he was agreeing with everything that Franklin had thought. Last but not least, every hero notices growth. Creighton had learned that when he was young, he thought Hangman and War was just a game. Now that he has lived and seen what happens to people in war, there was no "game" part in any of it. He was starting to notice that the things he did when he was younger was bad. It's called maturity. "It out him in kind of his drinking companions back in Bristol. They had treated all of life as though it were merely an extension of the card games in which they endlessly engaged."

7. SWABS Summary Chapter 13

7.1. Somebody: Creighton

7.2. Wants: to return to England

7.3. But: he was sent away and forced to stay in the colonies with his uncle

7.4. So: he stay with Benjamin Franklin and Sophie

7.5. Somebody: Benjamin Franklin

7.6. Wants: peace

7.7. But: both sides only fought for gain, nor moral

7.8. So: he wrote a passage in a memoir of his opinions on war