The Year of The Hangman By Gary Blackwood

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The Year of The Hangman By Gary Blackwood by Mind Map: The Year of The Hangman By Gary Blackwood

1. Chapters 1 - 14 Test date: 10/29 Chapters 1 - 14 Test date: 11/13 transgressions idle subversive indignant amiably indentured rancid peevishly rotund demure mundane indignant sacrilegious cryptic morbid antagonize indentured shrewd raucous infernal indiscreet duress adversary destitute inexplicable retaliate remnant naive divulge conspirator apothecary erasure retaliate dubious immoral deluge lucid sentries reproach adversaries

2. Character Map

2.1. Main Character: Chreighton Brown

2.1.1. Charlote Brown:Mom Colonel Gower: Brother

2.1.2. Harry Brown: Father

2.2. Lieutanant Hale

2.3. Sir Edward Lyndon: Gentlemen Suitor

2.4. Captain Pierce: Amity Captain, Died in Chapter #4

2.5. Peter: Crew Member of the Revenge, Big and Slow

2.6. Benedict Arnold: General of the Continental Army

2.7. Sophie: French Girl Staying With Franklin

2.8. Benjamin Franklin

2.9. Jean Billouart: Thief in the stockades

3. Setting Map

3.1. England

3.1.1. Execution

3.1.2. Home

3.1.3. Tavern

3.2. Ships Crossing the Atlantic

3.2.1. Amity

3.3. Carolina: For a moment

3.4. New Orleans

3.4.1. Benjamin Franklin's House

3.4.2. Cabildo House

3.5. Revenge: a "rebel" ship

3.6. Headed to Florida on the Amity

4. Vocabulary

5. Depth and Complexity Icons

5.1. Unanswered Questions Ch #5-8

5.1.1. Will Creighton's mother find out what happened to him and come to look for him?

5.1.2. Will Creighton find out what happened to his father?

5.1.3. Will Creighton be punished for dropping the typed letters?

5.1.4. Will Creighton do well on his new job?

5.1.5. How will Creighton spy for Colonel Gower?

5.2. Main Ideas

5.2.1. Sometimes hard times and sacrifices help you reach your goal

5.2.2. There is potential in Creighton

5.2.3. Creighton was taken from his home onto a ship heading to the Colonies because of his terrible behavior

5.2.4. Creighton felt very betrayed that his mother consented this capture and delivering of him to the Carolinas and vowed to make it back to England.

5.2.5. The ship that Creighton is traveling on is fired upon by rebels and the Colonel is taken captive for ransom

5.2.6. Rebellious teenager

5.3. SWBS Ch#13

5.3.1. Somebody: Creighton

5.3.2. Wanted: TO escape

5.4. Details Ch 19-20

5.4.1. "You imply that I am a spy but I am not"

6. Reading Journal

6.1. The Year of the Hangman: Journal Entry #1 How could my mother do this to me? All because she chose to ship me out with the help of that bloody awful suitor, I’m on a ship controlled by PIRATES. I despise my uncle just as well as she. I admit that the pirates finding out about my uncle is taking an important position is my fault but now he’s trying to turn me into a spy. And then, he has the nerve to be angry at me because I don’t want to “act” anymore. Who on Earth would want to be an bound boy? This huge fellow, Peter, believes that I am a bound boy despite my countless mistakes, only because his father was a bound boy. Why is this happening to me of all people? All I wanted to do was have fun in England and now I’ve been delivered to the colonies. Also, I hate this dirty, old cabin I’m in. Captain Pierce at least could’ve cleaned it up a little bit. I don’t want to be an indentured servant or a spy. I just want to be a gentlemen. But I can’t do that in the colonies with all of these snakes and mosquitoes and pirates. You know what? I have had a change of heart. I forgive my mom. Mom, if you can hear me or see this writing, please, come get me and take me home. Please, mom! I’ll clean up my act, I promise!

6.2. The Year of the Hangman: Journal Entry #2 Creighton changes in Chapters 16-17 by changing his loyalty. When he first arrived in New Orleans, the first thing he wanted to do was leave. The burning of the Print Press and the passing of Benjamin Franklin led Creighton to make a change. Creighton and Benedict Arnold made a plan to act like Creighton had found out some information about the Patriots and is accompanied by two “traitors” (played by Benedict Arnold and Peter). They will sail to Florida and Creighton and Benedict Arnold will tell Colonel Gower counter information. They will also find out where George Washington is being held as captive, rescue him, and the French and Spanish will attack the British in Florida. They altered the plan so that Peter will be waiting in a tavern for Creighton and Benedict Arnold and if they don't meet him within a few days, then he will give a Patriot Loyalist a paper full of information and they will go to New Orleans.

6.3. In the end of the book, Creighton is not a hero. He ended up rescuing his father. Even though the mission didn't go as planned and the attack didn't go well, they escaped. Creighton didn't think he was going to find his father. Also, Benedict Arnold got a couple of body parts blown off. Their mission was suppossed to be to find George Washington. They didn't find George Washington, Creighton's uncle died, and the attack that the Spanish and French did on the English was not successful.

7. Final Predictions

7.1. They are going to find a way to get Harry Brown out of prison.

7.2. If they escape, they will go back to New Orleans

7.3. Harry know where George Washington is