Issues with Web Awareness and Digital Citizenship

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Issues with Web Awareness and Digital Citizenship by Mind Map: Issues with Web Awareness and Digital Citizenship

1. Ethics?

1.1. We cannot guarantee that that everyone on the internet will be respectful of themselves, intellectual property and others.

1.2. Can Ethics be taught online?

1.2.1. Pros for Ethics on the internet online resources that have useful tips on how to integrate technology safely into the classroom. Examples: MediaSmarts, Common Sense Media. Teaching ethics to students. Can Be applied to things in their everyday life. Future ethical students.

1.2.2. Cons to ethics on the internet. Cyber-bullying sexting pornographic images

2. Digital Etiquette?

2.1. Can we ensure that students will not be exposed to people not following the Golden Rule?

2.1.1. Pros to Digital Etiquette "Think before click" teaching future respectful digital learner. teaching digital efficency

2.1.2. Cons to Digital Etiquette May expose kids to material they are not ready for. May not have acess to computers aat home so they may get behind in class. Or not feel as comfortable. "golden rule" may not be taught at home.

3. Privacy?

3.1. How can we know that something is private?

3.1.1. Can't be certain Lack of control Emotional trauma if found. No guarentee.

3.1.2. Pros To Privacy Future generation is becoming aware. Ehtical and moral Teaches Respect

3.1.3. Cons to Privacy Identity Theift Possibly stumble upon sexually excplicit material. Could create job problems in the future becasue you thought it was private.

4. Copyright?

4.1. How do you know that what your students are presenting to you is not copyrighted?

4.1.1. Students have access to a lot of information. Want them to express their own thoughts. Respect others work. Varieties of sources

4.1.2. Pros to 'copyright' Wide range of information. Acess to information that they proabably wouldnt be able to get anywhere else. easy acess.

4.1.3. Cons to copyright Why learn something if it is on the internet. Not original thought