The Year Of the Hangman By: Gary Blackwood

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The Year Of the Hangman By: Gary Blackwood by Mind Map: The Year Of the Hangman By: Gary Blackwood

1. Vocabulary List

1.1. transgressions

1.2. idle

1.3. subversive

1.4. Character Map

1.4.1. Creighton Brown - Protangonist

1.4.2. Charlotte Brown -Mother Harry Brown- Father

1.4.3. Sir Edward Lyndon: Suitor/Friend

1.4.4. Lieutenant Hale

1.4.5. Captain Pierce - Ship Amity Captain / Died in Chapter #4

1.4.6. Benedict Arnold: General of the Continental Army

1.4.7. Peter: Crew Member of the Revenge / Big and slow

1.4.8. Sophie: French Girl staying with Franklin

1.4.9. Benjamin Frankilin

1.5. indignant

1.6. amiably

1.7. indentured

1.8. rancid

1.9. peevishly

1.10. rotund

1.11. demure

1.12. mundane

1.13. indignant

1.14. sacrilegious

1.15. cryptic

1.16. morbid

1.17. antagonize

1.18. indentured

1.19. shrewd

1.20. raucous

1.21. infernal

2. Setting Map

2.1. England

2.2. Execution

2.2.1. Tavern Creighton Home

2.3. Atlantic Ocean

2.3.1. An English Ship - Amity

2.4. Carolina: For a moment

2.5. Headed to Florida on the Amity

2.6. Revenge: A "Rebel" Ship

2.7. New Orleans

2.7.1. Benjamin Franklin The Cabildo

2.8. Florida

2.8.1. Pensicula Tavern - To get Almanac

3. Depth & Complexity

3.1. Main Ideas Ch.1-3

3.1.1. Spoiled Brat Rebellious Teenager Disonist

3.1.2. There is Potential in Creighton

3.1.3. Sometimes hard times and sacrifices help you reach your goal

3.1.4. Creighton Mother wants him to have character

3.1.5. A young man starts an adventure Coming to colonies

3.2. Swabs CH #13

3.2.1. Someone Creighton

3.2.2. Wanted: To escape with Gower and Hale

3.2.3. But: Colonel Gower took the pistol from Creighton and Knocked him out.

3.2.4. So: Creighton finally conflicts in Franklin/ He limps home all beat up

3.3. Multiple Perceptives

3.3.1. Creighton: Right Know Creighton is lieing to everyone because he has lied to everyone including hale. Also he is trying to cover the other lies he has made

3.3.2. Hale: Hale is Happy that Creighton is there but isn't trusting his friend Arnold to tell them all the information about the English.

4. Reading Journal

4.1. Journal # 1 Today was a bad day on the Amity or The Revenge you could say. Today we got attacked by Pirates and I am also a servant and a spy all together. This all Happened when there was a ship that we didn't recognize that was full of girls.

4.1.1. Journal #2: In Chapter 16 Was Very sad Because of the death of Franklin the only person who was so nice and helped Creighton out every since he meet him and also he in the chapter his loyalty is about to change . But in Chapter 17 he wants to fight back with the britain for doing what they did like killing innocent people

4.1.2. Journal #3: I think that Creighton is a hero because he saved his own father. Also he Came back to Sophie Alive and not dead. and at the end his dad got better and if Creighton didn't save him he would be dead

5. vocab LIst 2

5.1. adversary

5.2. apothecary

5.3. conspirator

5.4. deluge

5.5. destitute

5.6. divulge

5.7. dubious

5.8. duress

5.9. erasure

5.10. immoral

5.11. indiscreet

5.12. inexplicable

5.13. lucid

5.14. naive

5.15. remnant

5.16. reproach

5.17. retaliate

5.18. sentries