Identifying Rocks and Minerals

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Identifying Rocks and Minerals by Mind Map: Identifying Rocks and Minerals

1. Streak Color

1.1. The color of the residue is the minerals streak, This can be found by dragging the mineral across a porcelain plate.

2. Cleavage/Fracture

2.1. Cleavage is the tendency of some minerals to break consistently and repeatedly in certain directions.

2.2. Minerals lacking cleavage altogether are said to exhibit fracture. The fracture surfaces may be described as CONCHOIDAL: smooth and curved with concentric ridges. or UNEVEN; rough and irregular.

2.3. Conchoidal

2.3.1. Uneven

3. Mineral Name

4. Mineral Song

5. granite

6. ruby

7. Overall Color

8. Hardness

8.1. A minerals hardness is it resistance to scratching. Scientist use the Mohs hardness scale to characterize the relative scratch resistance of minerals.

8.2. Mohs Hardness

9. Luster

9.1. Luster refers to the appearence of a minerals surface reflected in light.

9.2. reflected light

10. quartz

11. topaz