WWII Chain Of Command

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WWII Chain Of Command by Mind Map: WWII Chain Of Command

1. Allies

1.1. United States Of America

1.1.1. Franklin D. Roosevelt, President and Commander and Chief of Armed Forces

1.1.2. Joint Chiefs Of Staff William Leahy, Chairman George Marshall, US Army Ernest King, US Navy Henry Arnold, US Army Air Force

1.2. British Empire

1.2.1. Winston Churchill, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense

1.2.2. Chiefs of Staff Commitee Alan Brooke, British Army Andrew Cunningham, Royal Navy Charles Portal, Royal Air Force

1.3. Soviets

1.3.1. Joseph Stalin, Soviet Dictator and Commander in Chief

1.3.2. Stavka Viachislav Molotov, Soviet Commissar for foreign affairs Marshal Alexander Vasilievsky, Chief of General Staff of the Red Army Marshal Georgi Zhukov, Deputy Supreme Commander in Chief Lavrenty Beria, Head of the soviet intelligence orginization

2. Axis

2.1. Germany

2.1.1. Adolf Hitler

2.2. Italy

2.2.1. Benito Mussolini

2.3. Japan

2.3.1. Hideki Tojo