Shapes, Lines, and Angles

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Shapes, Lines, and Angles by Mind Map: Shapes, Lines, and Angles

1. Lines

2. Shapes

3. Angles

4. Right Angles (part 1)

4.1. Right Angle : an angle of 90°, as in a corner of a square or at the intersection of two perpendicular straight lines.

5. 2) Obtuse Angles

5.1. Obtuse Angle : a form of angle that measures wider than 90° and less than 180°.

6. 3) Acute Angles

6.1. Acute Angles : the small angle which is less than 90°.

7. Rays

7.1. Rays : a part of a line that has one endpoint and extends in one direction without ending.

8. Lines

8.1. Line : a straight set of points that extend in opposite directions without ending.

9. Line-segment

9.1. Line-segment : a part of a line between two endpoints.

10. Perpendicular Lines

10.1. Perpendicular Lines : Lines that meet or cross each other to form right angles

11. Parallel Lines

11.1. Parallel Lines : always the same distance apart. They do not meet.

12. Line of Symmetry

12.1. Line of Symmetry : is the imaginary line where you could fold the image and have both halves match exactly.

13. Triangle's Line of Symmetry

14. Square's LIne of Symmetry

15. Shapes with Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

16. Triangle With Parallel Lines

17. Square with Perpendicular Lines

18. Part 2

19. Part 3

20. right angle image