Digital Citizenship & Web Awareness

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Digital Citizenship & Web Awareness by Mind Map: Digital Citizenship & Web Awareness

1. Internet Safety

1.1. Cyberbullying

1.1.1. Social Media Threats

1.1.2. Spreading Rumours Online

1.1.3. Exploitation of Personal Information Leaked Images Posts Out of Context Leaking & Exploiting Cell Phone Number

1.1.4. Public or Private Hate Pages/Forums

1.2. Explicit Content

1.2.1. Sexual Content

1.2.2. Vulgar or Explicit Images/Video

1.2.3. Vulgar or Explicit Language

1.2.4. Monitoring for Age Appropriate Content

1.3. Privacy

1.3.1. Targeted Marketing Web Trackers Cookies Harmful Effects on Identity Body Image Hoax Advertisements

1.3.2. Protecting Personal Information Use of Pseudonyms Privacy Settings Close Circles on Social Media

1.3.3. Identity Theft Web Impersonation Sold or Used Inappropriately

2. Authenticity

2.1. Plagiarism

2.1.1. Citation

2.1.2. Copyright vs. Open Source/Public

2.1.3. Stock Media

2.2. Resource Validity

2.2.1. Trustworthiness of Source

2.2.2. Author Credibility

2.2.3. Scholarly vs. Trade Publications Peer-Reviewed? Purpose/Objective for Information

2.2.4. Online Encyclopedias Open/Mass Editing Is Information Monitered/Verified?

3. Creation

3.1. Content Creation/Ownership

3.1.1. Copyright & Plagiarism

3.1.2. Giving Voice to Self

3.1.3. Originality Interest to an Audience Medium Video Blog/Website Photography Music

3.1.4. Race/Gender/Disability/Sexuality Awareness & Sensitivity

3.2. Digital Footprint

3.2.1. Effects on Identity Future/Current Employers Illegal Activity Cyberbullying Theft Dark Web Effects on Reputation Positive Negative

3.2.2. Anonymity What Information is Shared? Private or Public Identities Pseudonyms Using/Providing Real Information