U.S. Postal Inspection Service

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U.S. Postal Inspection Service by Mind Map: U.S. Postal Inspection Service

1. Goals

1.1. Land an internship with the USPS

1.1.1. Management Foundations Program

1.2. Maintain a high GPA

1.2.1. Study More

1.2.2. Manage time

1.3. Build connections for my future

1.3.1. Attend informative sessions about federal jobs

1.3.2. Follow up on any connections I do make in the future

2. Advantages to apply

2.1. Masters Degree

2.1.1. Apply for the BA/MA program Accepted into the BA/MA program Complete the BA/MA program

2.2. 1 year in NYPD

2.2.1. Take the NYPD Police Officer Entrance Exam Complete the police academy

2.2.2. Apply for a position at the USPS Upon being hired: Take the job Upon not being hired: Continue to work for the NYPD/current occupation at the time

2.3. 1 year full time work experience

3. Timeline

3.1. Gain work experience

3.2. Graduate

3.3. Join the NYPD

3.4. Transfer to USPS

4. Current Job

4.1. Stagehand

4.1.1. 30-50 hours a week

4.1.2. No set schedule

4.1.3. Difficult to have specific time for schoolwork