Digital Citizenship & Web Awareness

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Digital Citizenship & Web Awareness by Mind Map: Digital Citizenship & Web Awareness

1. Web Awareness

1.1. For Teachers

1.1.1. Understand that students have access to technology 24/7

1.1.2. Must teach students etiquette associated with internet use

1.1.3. students may accidentally provide too much personal information on the internet

1.1.4. there are unhealthy sites that must be avoided

1.2. For Students

1.2.1. students are aware the internet can be used for bullying

1.2.2. explicit material cannot be processed properly by children. awareness to avoid this is good

1.2.3. must be aware that intellectual property on the web cannot be copied and pasted as their own work

1.2.4. students must be aware that scams exist, 'free iPhones' are too good to be true.

2. Copyright

2.1. For Teachers

2.1.1. Teach that internet material cannot be copied without sourcing

2.1.2. lead by example by sourcing things used in lessons

2.1.3. teach students implication of using pirated software

2.1.4. images in lessons should be sourced

2.2. For Students

2.2.1. Aware of copy and paste

2.2.2. must know why copying and pasting is dangerpous

2.2.3. parts of someones work can be used if credit is given

2.2.4. it is unethical to breach copyright

3. Authenticity

3.1. For Teachers

3.1.1. understand for yourself that not everything on the internet is fact

3.1.2. teach students that there is lots of deceit on the internet

3.1.3. email from unknown addresses should be questioned

3.1.4. should teach a lesson on internet safety

3.2. For Students

3.2.1. understand that marketers target kids

3.2.2. smartphone pictures can cause be at risk

3.2.3. apps such as snapchat are popular but can be dangerous

3.2.4. must learn to decipher fact from folly