Web Awareness & Digital Citizenship

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Web Awareness & Digital Citizenship by Mind Map: Web Awareness & Digital Citizenship

1. Internet Safety

1.1. Cyber-bullying

1.1.1. What is Cyber bullying?

1.1.2. What are you posting?

1.1.3. How does Netiquette help?

1.2. Explicit Material

1.2.1. Why is pornography such an issue?

1.2.2. How can this material be avoided?

1.2.3. What is the role of teachers and parents?

2. Participation

2.1. Netiquette

2.1.1. Why is it important?

2.1.2. What does it look like?

2.2. Marketing

2.2.1. Why is this an issue?

2.2.2. What is the role of consumerism?

2.2.3. What can lessen the impact?

3. Ownership

3.1. Intellectual Property

3.1.1. What is intellectual property?

3.1.2. Why is it important?

3.1.3. What are some protections surrounding intellectual property?

3.2. Copyright

3.2.1. Why is copyright so important?

3.2.2. How do you avoid plagiarism?

4. Authenticity

4.1. Website Validity

4.1.1. When was it published?

4.1.2. Who is the author?

4.1.3. Can the information by confirmed outside of the internet?

4.2. Email Validity

4.2.1. What is it asking you to do?

4.2.2. What/Who is the source?

5. Privacy

5.1. What is your privacy settings?

5.2. What are you posting?

5.3. What sites are you visiting?