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EMC PCD by Mind Map: EMC PCD
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This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

Application Monitoring in Development Environment

Use cases

Configure and setup monitoring for application

Monitoring, Availability, DCTM products (CS, Method Server, ...), Utilization, disk/memory/cpu/network, other metrics, ... ?

Notifications, if any service unavailable, if low memory, if high cpu loading, if low disk space

Hyperic integration

Monitoring, Basic Hyperic, OS Level, App Server Level, Application level, Custom DCTM, Metrics, Availability, Throughput / Utilization, ???, bytes served/received, requests/responses, created/destroyed sessions, Performance, units of time for different operations, Stack, Content Server, Method Server, XDB, DSS, ...

TODO:, 1. Hyperic + tcServer investigation, Start-Guide / Install documentation, 2. HQ API and custom plugins research, Architecture for our custom plugins, HLD, 3. Plugins to monitor DCTM Stack, Plugins lib + Documentation, 4. Custom application monitoring, Configuration, Installation/Customization


Needed monitoring metrics

Should we deploy custom monitoring stuff on application level or on app server level?

Hyperic + Spring IoC integration, didn't found any info, RESTful Jersey


Application Monitoring in Developer Environment.vsd