Facilitating Instruction with Educational Technology

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Facilitating Instruction with Educational Technology by Mind Map: Facilitating Instruction with Educational Technology

1. Tutorials

1.1. Info is Presented/Skills Modeled

1.2. Guide Learner through use of info or skills

1.3. Present Student with Learning Objective

1.4. Stimulate Prior Knowledge

2. Hypermedia

2.1. Encyclopedias/Reference Sources

2.2. Students Create Projects Based on Research

2.3. Case Studies

2.4. Virtual Museums/Virtual Field Trips

3. Drills

3.1. Provide Practice

3.2. Adjust to the Success of the Student

3.3. Keep Records of Student Performance for Teachers

4. Simulations

4.1. Makes is Possible for Students to do Otherwise Impossible Classroom Tasks

4.2. Enhances Motivation to Learn

4.3. Possible Strong Transfer of Learning

5. Educational Games

5.1. More Motivation to Learn

5.2. Develop Collaborative Skills

5.3. Develop Knowledge and Skills

5.4. Investing Cognitive Effort

6. Tools & Open Ended Learning Environments

6.1. Deep Learning and Transfer

6.2. Motivation to Learn

6.3. Cross Curricular Learning