Courseware for Learning

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Courseware for Learning by Mind Map: Courseware for Learning

1. Phrases for Instrustion

1.1. Introduce

1.2. Guide the Learner

1.3. Practice the content and/or skills

1.4. Assess Learning

2. Mehtodolodies

2.1. Tutorials

2.1.1. Usually present learning objectives

2.2. Hypermedia

2.2.1. Texts, images, audio files, videos. Ex: Wikipedia

2.3. Drills

2.3.1. Provide practice

2.4. Simulations

2.4.1. Many advantages: safety, modified time frames, enhances motivation, ect.

2.5. Educational Games

2.5.1. students tend to be very intrested in games--> interested to learn

2.5.2. Require cognitive effort

2.6. Tools and Open-ended Learning

2.6.1. reflect constructivism